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Mid-level Hikes

Our mid-level hikes from Munich take you to some of the most beautiful places in the Bavarian Alps. All of these private guided day trips from Munich have their unique charm, guarantee excellent views and take you to cosy local places with authentic food. You'll experience the Bavarian culture firsthand and with our knowledgeable local guides you'll spend the day in good company and learn a lot along the way.


Mid-level hikes have varying hiking times and include elevation gains between 400 and 600 metres. While you don't need to be an avid hiker with prior experience and serious hiking boots, you must be in good shape and have rather sturdy walking shoes with a good grip or profile. If you are in doubt about the required fitness, please consult our Must-know section or talk to us.

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11 km / 470 m gain

Zugspitz view.JPG


10 km / 313 m gain



max. 12 km / 565 m gain

Brecherspitz Panorama


8.5 km / 550 m gain

Wetterstein Mountains.jpg


10 km / 420 m gain

Magic Light.JPG


8.5 km / 570 m gain

Mid-level Tour Options
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