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Alpine Village Explorer

Traditional Village and Bavaria's Rolling Hills

This tour in a nutshell

The train from Munich takes us along parts of the German Alpine Road to this circuit hike in the region of Bayrischzell. This short but endearing hike leads us on a rugged little path (a certain surefootedness is required!) across bridges, past waterfalls and rockpools to a favourite local joint with great views of the classic rolling hills of Bavaria. 


If you're up for it, a Kneipp facility awaits you for some hydrotherapy on the way back. These facilities are typical of the region and treading ice-cold mountain water in this little knee-deep pool will leave you feeling as if you never hiked a single metre.


Refreshed, we take a short tour through the lovely village of Bayrischzell with its ancient houses nestled at the foot of the famous Wendelstein mountain (among other stories you will learn how the mountains got their names). Last optional highlight of our day trip: a brief visit to what Munich Wanderland founder Stefanie thinks is the best pastry shop in southern Bavaria (we cannot help going back every time …).

Short facts

  • Easy guided hike

  • Hiking distance: 4 km

  • Hiking time: 1h45

  • Elevation gain: 230 m

  • Meet-up at Munich central station: 8.50 am

  • Train ride: approx. 1h20 one way

  • Total duration: approx. 7 h (depending on walking speed / transport)

What's included

  • Your personal knowledgeable guide

  • Public transportation tickets

  • Basic raincoats

  • Snacks to keep you going between meals

What's extra

  • Food and drink

What you need for your hike

  • Comfortable walking shoes with profile / grip

  • Sunglasses

  • Warm clothes (several layers) – the weather can change quickly in and near the mountains

  • Small towel (optional – if you would like to try the water-treading)

  • Water (1.5 to 2 litres)

  • ID for the train

Fitness level

Please see our "Must know" section for more info on the required fitness levels.​


Please note that the return time may vary according to the amount of time we spend hiking as well as the public transport from and to Munich. Please let us know if you have any time restrictions. 

Due to the weather conditions, we may have to opt for a different hiking destination at short notice. Kindly check your e-mail the night before your tour. If you haven't heard from us after 7 pm, the tour goes ahead as planned. Otherwise, we will send you all the details regarding the new plan. All our tours are equally beautiful, so don't worry – you will enjoy the alternative tour just as much!

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