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Stefanie Praml

Untere Weidenstraße 30

81543 Munich


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Terms and Conditions


Current version valid as of 25 October 2023

Provider of Service: Munich Wanderland / Stefanie Praml – for more information, please see imprint above.

Munich Wanderland (referred to in the following as “we” or “Munich Wanderland”) offers guided hikes in the Bavarian Alps. With your online booking or booking via e-mail, you (referred to in the following as “you” or “participant”) accept the following Terms and Conditions and our Cancellation Policy (also on behalf of your clients if you are an agent / intermediary). Other Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies are not accepted – unless specified in writing by us. The below Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies may change at short notice. The latest version is always available on this website.

Scope of service

  1. Munich Wanderland tours include organised transportation via train / bus and are accompanied by an English, French and / or German speaking tour guide. Tours tailored for participants can also be carried out with the support of a third-party private transportation provider or participants may self-drive.


  2. Our hiking tours are usually held according to the information provided in each tour description. Tours go ahead – rain or shine. However, sometimes deviations are necessary due to the weather conditions. Please check your e-mail after 7pm the day before the tour. If you have received no e-mail, the tour goes on ahead as planned. Otherwise, we will provide you with updated information regarding departure and return times as well as information on the new tour.


  3. In very rare cases, tours have to be cancelled or aborted due to extreme weather conditions or other cataclysmic events. In case of a cancellation effected by Munich Wanderland due to these reasons, deposits and payments made by the participant will be refunded in full. In case of an abortion of the tour, no refunds will be made.


  4. In case Munich Wanderland cancels a tour for reasons other than those provided in the preceding two paragraphs (e.g. illness of a guide), the participant is entitled to a refund of the amount paid, or, if they so decide, they may be able to arrange a new tour date (subject to availability). Should the participant opt for a new tour date, they will renounce any refund claims that they were initially entitled to.

  5. Due to train / bus delays or cancellations changes to the itinerary may be necessary or may occurThis is out of our hands and does not constitute a claim.


  6. Additional expenses incurred by participants as a result of a trip booked with Munich Wanderland (e.g. hotel costs, travel to Munich) will not be reimbursed by Munich Wanderland under any circumstances in the event of a cancellation; this also applies to the cases specified under 3, 4 and 5.


  7. In case of rain, we provide basic raincoats and in case of ice and snow, we offer spikes for safer walking. For Winter Hikes and Mid-level Hikes we also provide hiking poles. All equipment is delivered in perfect working condition and must be returned in the same condition at the end of the tour.

    Duties of participants

  8. Participants must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a legal guardian. The minimum age for accompanied children is 10. Please contact us beforehand if you want to bring a younger child.

  9. Participants must thoroughly read, understand and fulfil the health and fitness requirements stated for the level of the tour (i.e. for the levels Easy Hikes, Mid-level Hikes, “No Hikes” and Winter Hikes). In particular, you declare that you

    • are in good general and cardiac health;

    • are able to walk / hike for the amount of time and elevation stated in the tour description;

    • have the required sure-footedness for mountainous terrain.

  10. Participants are entirely responsible for their own actions during the tour and that any claim for damages to Munich Wanderland is waived.

  11. During the tour, participants are required to practice common sense, prudence and diligence and must always follow the instructions of the guide.

  12. Munich Wanderland does not accept claims for damages made against them and accepts no liability for any damage to the participant, third parties and equipment caused during tours. Our liability is limited to gross negligence and intent.

  13. Munich Wanderland does not assume responsibility for baggage, money, valuables or other items lost during the tour.

  14. Participants are liable for all damages that Munich Wanderland may incur due to the failure to comply with the above-mentioned obligations.

  15. Participants are strongly advised to get health insurance that covers health-related costs resulting from accidents and injuries that may occur during the tour and during transit from and to the starting point of the tour. In case they have no health insurance, they will have to cover any health-related costs themselves. They are also responsible for evacuation costs.

    Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction

  16. The here noted general Terms and Conditions and our Cancellation Policy and all disputes arising from the contract are subject to German Law. Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.

Cancellation Policy

This Cancellation Policy applies to bookings effected through our booking tool, via telephone, e-mail or an agent / intermediary – unless otherwise specified by us in writing.

We issue the following refunds if you cancel your booking (the time indicated on the ticket applies):

  • 95% for cancellations made more than 14 days before the start of the tour (we are subject to a system and payment fee for your booking which we unfortunately cannot refund)

  • 50% for cancellations made 8–13 days before the start of the tour

  • 15% for cancellations made 7 days or less before the start of the tour

  • 0% for no-shows


In other words: You can book with complete peace of mind as you will almost get a full refund if you cancel more than two weeks in advance. And if you cancel more than 7 days before, you will still get 50% of your money back.


Munich Wanderland

Stefanie Praml

Untere Weidenstraße 30

81543 Munich



Telephone: +49 160 92320043

VAT No according to §27a Umsatzsteuergesetz: DE263740263

Terms and conditions
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