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Munich Food Tour

Bavarian Bites & Nature Delights

This tour in a nutshell

We are staying in the city today to explore its natural beauty, some great sights and excellent food on our private Munich Food Tour. Most visitors won't leave the old town during their stay, which is a shame as local life usually happens elsewhere. So join us on this extended food & walking tour through "the real Munich" and explore some of the locals' favourite places.


We start in the "Belly of Munich", a salt-of-the-earth and trendy hood that is home to Munich’s grocery and flower wholesale market as well as the stockyard. Here, a traditional owner-run German bakery with an open bake house boasting excellent buns, breads and pastries awaits. A few steps from the bakery, you'll indulge yummy Munich white sausages (some say they are the best in town!) at a traditional "Wirtshaus".

Time to walk off some of that food on a stroll through the hood with its interesting mix of cafés, little restaurants, studios and curiosities (a boat on a bridge?!) before we hit the river Isar. This mountain river was a major transport route for many centuries: beer, spices, wood and travellers were carried on rafts. She underwent a major renaturation project in the early 2000s and is now a natural jewel with lush meadows, beaches and green water – and one of the most popular hangout spots. On our walk along the river we'll talk about Munich’s beer history and maybe enjoy a “Wegbier” (which translates as road beer – and yes, it’s legal). We also pass by important monuments such as the German Museum, Müllersches Volksbad (an art deco public pool that is still operative) and the Bavarian Parliament. 

Munich is one of Germany's most multicultural places and likes to think of itself as the "Northernmost City of Italy". So let's take a little detour from the river and the traditional Bavarian food to look into the history of Turkish and Italian migratory workers and the stamp they have left on Munich's culinary landscape.

Onwards we walk along the river and up the slopes to one of the cutest squares in the city: Wiener Platz. This square is home to a tiny market (like a mini version of Viktualienmarkt) and gives you a glimpse of the olden times. Here, we can shop some fresh fruit and veg, bread and even fish to take to the adjacent beer garden. Your guide will also bring some local cheeses and salamis and you'll sit down at the beer garden like a local would: with food brought from home and a cold beer from the tab.

Short facts

  • Easy (yet long) walking tour

  • Walking distance: 6.5 km

  • Total duration: around 4 h

  • Meet-up at subway station Implerstraße (U3 / U6): at 10 am or 2 pm. Our meeting point is at Implerstraße 49 in front of the shop "Cerva" – just next to the subway station.

  • End at subway station Max-Weber-Platz (U4 /U5): around 2 pm or around 6 pm

What's included

  • One of our three dedicated guides

  • All meals / food / drink

What you need for your walking tour

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Please dress to be outside for longer periods


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